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Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Warren G instrumental. Nobody Does It Better feat.

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Alice Rowe — Phase [Instrumental] 6A Darell — Otro Trago [Instrumental] 7A Dopebwoy — Zin [Instrumental] 7A

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Underrated hip-hop vets combine to make a surprising, disparate, and frequently brilliant record. Rap history is biased towards royalty, whether you're the king of your block or the King of the South. DJ Quik's two-decade career has established him as one of the genre's great recording artists, but his maturation from teenage Compton DJ to a complex embodiment of California post-gangster party rap doesn't have much cachet in a hip-hop history that celebrates only winners.

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Pay the cops off as I peel out and jet It ain't no thing when we connect, we posted up with tecks Nigga we bury you alive in cement, that's what we meant Now when the nine goes click, yo ass wasn't shit Get out your war tactics, get at you get the job done One gun you hung, seven bullets in your lungs Struggle with heron and I'll tell you apart Through my veins and through my heart That's when the drama will start Nigga gimme what you got, let off some more shots Run through what you got, destroy yo block Got a dealings ever ever was your spot When the nine goes pop, that's when yo homeboys drop [chorus] [kurupt] I seen it befo' 44's explode Nigga's fall on the flo', the hardest nigga on the flo' The hoes like, do what the fuck ever a nigga say It's like this everyday on the streets of l. Daz Dillinger. I Call Shots Instrumental 2, views.

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This one's for u Make some noize Put that on something

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Make the temperature rise, the temperature rise We cap to ride, cap to homicide It's instrumental, heat is in the dead of the winter In the heart of the cold we re-structure your soul It's Dat Nigga Daz Kurupt we don't give a fuck like nigga whattup? Dat Nigga Daz and Kurupt It's fatal fire blaze, Sherm with a perm Super superb, wiggle like a worm let it burn I pull up, on the corner store, what a sunny day Sunny Cali-for-ni-a, the G way display how to scrape the flo' proper-like, hit the cylinders and scrape the flo' proper-like, stop at the light Pull up then drive to the right It's so good to be back home homey where the feeling is right. Welcome home Where the tippy roll around

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The discography of Kuruptan American rapperspans two decades and consists of six studio albums, three compilation albums, one EP and seven singles. Since his debut in he has released through a number of labels, Including Antra, Death Row and Universal. Ricardo Emmanuel Brown is an American rapper and actor, better known by his stage name Kurupt.

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