Military lawyers who handle sex ofences

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The increased emphasis on these nonconsensual sex offense court-martial prosecutions, and the number of claims that are being highlighted by politicians, news stories and the military hierarchy, means that a military member facing these allegations must be prepared for a long, aggressive battle. In the most serious of these cases, the accused military members face extreme jeopardy — possible federal criminal conviction, lengthy jail terms, dishonorable discharge or dismissal, sex offender registration and a variety of other legal, professional, personal, and family consequences. An experienced and aggressive defense attorney is absolutely vital in these military cases.

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During interview with the Royal Military Police, where he was represented by the Duty Solicitor, he put forward his defence that all sexual contact was entirely consensual. He also provided the RMP with details of potential defence witnesses who could confirm previous instances of flirting and consensual sexual contact; something vehemently denied by the Complainant. The RMP did not speak to these witnesses.

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Military justice or military law is the body of laws and procedures governing members of the armed forces. Many nation-states have separate and distinct bodies of law that govern the conduct of members of their armed forces. Some states use special judicial and other arrangements to enforce those laws, while others use civilian judicial systems.

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What Should I Do? What Is an Administrative Discharge Board? What Is an Article 32 Hearing?

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If you are a servicemember in the Armed Forces of the U. Military and you have been accused of sexual harassment, you need to get serious about hiring a civilian criminal defense Attorney. If you have already been charged, it is absolutely imperative.

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The figures, which can be found herereveal personnel are currently being investigated. When broken down by service, 93 investigations were carried out by the British Army, 31 by the Royal Air Force, and 22 by the Royal Navy. The article, published by The Timessaid the person who took her statement was not trained to handle sexual assault cases and the interview was not filmed, a standard procedure used by civilian police forces.

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Despite the presumption of innocence that is inherent to our criminal justice system, simply being accused of any kind of sexual offense can have an immediate and wide-ranging impact on the life of an alleged offender. The authorities investigating these alleged crimes often seek to elicit damaging statements from alleged offenders that prosecutors can use to obtain convictions that may send people to prison for several years and force them to pay thousands of dollars in fines. If you were arrested or if you even think that you could be under investigation for any kind of alleged sex-related offense in Central Ohio, it will be in your best interest to not say anything to authorities until you have legal representation.

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The military has a long history of taking sexual assault cases to trial that civilian prosecutors would not. Beginning inand then again in andCongress made substantial changes to the law requiring more sexual assault cases to be taken to trial and instituting rules and procedures making it easier for the Government to get convictions. Not only were the laws changed, but unbelievable pressure has been placed on commanding officers to send every allegation to trial and reward those that make allegations. We have not met a single commander since that has the integrity and fortitude to admit the tremendous pressure they are under to secure convictions.

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Sexual assault cases have garnered the attention of the President, the Secretary of Defense, Congress, and the media. As a result Commanders do not take accusations of sex-related crimes lightly. Congress has effectively forced Commanders to prosecute any sex assault case regardless of merit.

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Digital production by Rena Guay. Sexual assault and sexual harassment have long been serious problems in the armed forces. In recent years, the issue has received far more notice and it is now generally acknowledged that the problem is — and likely always has been — epidemic.


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